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We are a one stop shop for fabrics and garments. We combine premium quality yarns and latest production technologies to produce world class fabrics. We have an eye for detail and complete process driven manufacturing. Our QA and QC procedures are well in place to ensure global quality standards are met.

Our business is structured around experienced and highly skilled teams that focus on individual customers. We partner with global brands to manufacture and process woven fabrics & garments.

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Quality is never an accident... It is this belief that has guided our vision and led us to action. Our state-of-the-art, vertically integrated plant at Kosi, complete with modern machinery and an in-house design studio, is a reflection of this vision.

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Corduroy Fabric Manufacturing

What is the Corduroy Fabric?

A popular durable textile, Coduroy is a crinkled fabric having distinctive raised ridges, also called the wales pattern. It has a soft, ribbed texture, typically made from cotton but is also available in polyester or a combination of the two. It is also known as Manchester cloth, Corded velveteen, elephant cord, and pincord. They are widely used in making clothing (especially pants, jackets,
and shirts), home furnishings (sofas, cushions, throws,) and accessories (bags, hats) in varied widths as per customer requirement.Corduroy is best suited for colder climates or the winter season. It has good heat retention power of locking moisture and breathability fairly allowing perspiration to escape from the inside to the outside of the fabric.

How is corduroy fabric made?

Made from a blend of synthetic resin and cotton/polyester, corduroy is a plain woven fabric having three separate yarns woven collectively. The two firsthand yarns create a plain plait. The third yarn creates a float by scattering at intervals into this weave in the filling direction, The float yarns are disunited with blades causing the ridges to appear like heaped-up fabric on the surface of the weave. These can also be knitted on a knitting fabric base using a similar loop-cutting technique. It has a complex production process, making it more expensive. These fabrics are usually dyed in different colors and are considered aesthetically pleasing. At, Jain Cord, we use the finest material in the market to make corduroy fabric that offers durability and comfort to the wearer. We believe in making clothes that last. Thus, each step is inspected by experts in this field.

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What different types of corduroy fabric are there?

Forming fine vertical ridges, Corduroy is produced by weaving extra sets of fiber into the base fabric like jackets, shirts, pants, etc. The width of the wales varies between fabric styles and is specified by the number of wales per inch. In fabric, a wale is a vertical column of loops running lengthwise, indicating the thickness (e.g., 4-wale is thicker than 11-wale). Wale count per inch can range from 1.5 to 21, with the standard between 10 and 12. Wide wale is common in trousers and furniture upholstery, while medium, narrow, and fine wale fabrics are typically used in upper-body garment.Classified by the number of lengthwise pile rows per inch, Corduroy is available in different types.

Standard corduroy typically has 11 wales per inch, but the range of 8 to 13 wales per inch is still considered standard.Pinwale corduroy features numerous tiny ridges, with the finest types having up to 21 wales per inch. An elephant cord has large, thick cords resembling folds in an elephant’s skin, with a wale number between 1.5 and 6.Pigment-dyed corduroy, common in most types, results in a mottled appearance that becomes more distinct with each washing.Spandex corduroy is commonly used in children’s garments, offering stretchiness by combining materials like cotton, poly blend, and wool corduroy with spandex.Bedford cord, an American fabric with a weave similar to corduroy, has uncut pile yarns, resulting in less noticeable ridges.

Where is corduroy fabric produced?

Connect with Jain Cord ‘India’s leading Corduroy Manufacturer, since 1958. Having a capacity of more than 4 million meters per month, we have been delivering fine-quality fabric to consumers across the globe. Our dedication and work ethics are highly appreciated. We have been collaborating with high-end clothing brands and are growing in number each year. We have our manufacturing facilities in Gurgaon and Kosi (Near Mathura) which with time and grace has been upgraded to a greater production capacity.